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You'll need to keep the shares you buy for three years to keep the shares we give you free. If you sell shares before five years, you'll usually need to repay any tax that you saved when you bought them.

Important information: Shares in Dr. Martens will rise and fall in value - if you sell at a lower price than you paid, you'll lose money. We made this calculator to give you an illustration of the benefits you could get.

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Progress Updates

Change Log

Current Overview: The calculator is now working for both tax rates. Awaiting design docs & brand assets.

Built out demo form

Designed input fields

Uploaded info from brief

Basic dynamic field connections working + tested

Streamlined dyn code functions

Requested amends made

Calculations for England/Wales tax rates are now working

Should we instead show yearly calculations for saving and value etc

Scot tax calc are now working

Rounding calc now implemented

UI button scroll up fixed